CogecoTV - Award Winning Volunteers!

    Over the years, more than 269,000 dedicated volunteers have been recognized through the Volunteer Service Award (VSA) program. This award recognizes volunteers for providing committed and dedicated service to an organization. Volunteers are recognized by the length of time they have volunteered with one organization.

    On May 7th, at the ceremony in Belleville, CogecoTV was proud to recognize some of our own Volunteers for this prestigious award. Congratulations to the 2017 Ontario Volunteer Service Award recipients from CogecoTV...Terry, Dana, Brock, Laura, Jim and Roy. (Missing-Dug Stevenson). Roy Sherrard - 10 YearsTerry Broderick - 10 YearsLaura McGugan - 15 Years Jim Doyle - 10 Years Dana Torch - 10 YearsBrock Ormond - 5 Years

    Thank you all, you deserve this! 

    Be a part of the team!

    A "shout-out" to all those interested in learning more about television...

    Why not Volunteer at COGECOTV?  Our facility, equipment and staff are great!  We would love to show you how we make shows for COGECOTV!

      Contact our Volunteer Coordinator 


    Volunteer Appreciation 2017

     February 2017...Leave it to JP and Ian to find such a perfect and unique place for a gathering of our valuable CogecoTV Volunteers!


    It was a pleasure to welcome some of our volunteers to our Winter Volunteer Appreciation Event at the spectacular Belleville Club in Downtown Belleville for an evening of good food, good fun and great conversations.  We really appreciate our volunteers and we also really hope they enjoyed the evening!


    VOLUNTEERS, thank you for everything you do!  Here's looking forward to some more great volunteering opportunities in the Spring!!!


    City Council Coverage...

    Are you interested in learning more about local politics?  Then Cogeco has the perfect solution!  Volunteer to be a part of the Belleville and/or the Quinte West City Council coverage crews.  The meetings are each taped twice a month on location, but there are two very different styles of coverage.

    Call us to find out more...967-9751...ext. 28 to speak to Ian Acton about Belleville Council or ext. 21 to chat with Ann Werkhoven about Quinte West City Council.


    Students...if you are in high school and in need of some volunteer hours, this is a great opportunity!

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    Spring Volunteers

    Do you have some time to spare this spring and are you interested in Television Production?  Contact CogecoTV and talk to us about becoming a volunteer...we are gearing up for a busy season...why not come on in and be  a part of the Crew!!!  Click the helping hands...

    Videos & Photos by YOU!

    Be a Part of cogecotvquinte.COM

    Do you have a unique or artistic “eye” for your community that you’d like to share? COGECOTV is looking for volunteers to create interesting web videos and photos of the people, places and events that make up this great community.      Our website offers a new and unique way to participate with COGECOTV by uploading your video and photos for everyone to see. So show off your creativity and help us cover what’s going on in your community every day. Become a Member, create and Album and add your Video/Photo or contact us to see how you can be part of the picture!

    Quinte West Volunteers

    1) Do you live in the Quinte West area? 

    2) Do you have an interest in local politics and what’s happening in your municipality?

    3) Are you curious about television production?


    If you answered “yes” to these questions…COGECOTV Wants YOU!


    We are currently recruiting volunteers to be a part of the crew working on our coverage of council meetings in The City of Quinte West.
    Positions include Camera, Audio and Graphics.  Please contact:

    We are waiting for you!!!


    COGECOTV programming is produced with the assistance of volunteers. 

    In fact, most of our production crews and on-air hosts are volunteers. 

    We provide training in a wide range of television productions skills, including operating camera, audio, lighting, editing, directing, on camera appearances (studio, mobile production & field production) and/or even producing your own show.
    Volunteer involvement with COGECOTV also provides you with an opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people and attend local events ranging from the Belleville Bulls Hockey coverage, motor-sports, musical performances at local venues, municipal politics, working with community groups and organizations...and so much more. Also, our volunteers enjoy a variety of social activities with COGECOTV staff and fellow volunteers throughout the year.

    We like to consider our volunteers as family, and on some occasions, we actually have families volunteering together (mother and sons and husbands and wives).

    If you are interested in joining the COGECOTV team then contact Ian Acton, our Volunteer Co-ordinator, at Ian.Acton@cogeco.com