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Turning Pages

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Turning Pages

Join our book loving hosts Roxanne Beale and Dave Beynon as they spotlight specific authors and their works, review popular books and interview a wide range of authors, providing insight into the world of reading, writing and publishing.


Tune into TURNING PAGES Tuesday evenings for an informative and entertaining look at what’s happening in the world of books and publishing in Centre Wellington and beyond.  Bookseller Roxanne Beale and writer Dave Beynon take you on a half hour conversation with authors, readers and publishing professionals to gain a better understanding of the books we love and the people who bring them to us.


 Tune into Turning Pages Wednesday nights for a show that contians interveiws with a variety of authors from childrens books, to psycological thrillers.


Turning Pages Airs

Tuesdays at 7:30pm, Wednesdays at 10:30am
Wednesdays at 7pm, Saturday at 12:30pm and Sunday at 3:30pm

Community Producer - Roxanne Beale                                                  

CogecoTV Producer and Director - Larry Peters



Roxanne Beale
Graduated from York University with an Honours

Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology. 

In 1997, she decided to combine her love of reading

with her desire to be own a small business and

purchased the bookstore in Fergus.  Several years

and one move later, Roxanne's Reflections Book

& Card Shop is located at 152 St. Andrew St. West

in Fergus. 

Give us a call for all of your reading inquiries

519-843-4391 or drop us a line at

roxanne@roxannesreflections.ca or check out our

webstore at www.roxannesreflections.ca


Dave Beynon

Dave Beynon’s short stories have appeared in

periodicals and anthologies, received an

honourable mention in The Best Horror of the Year,

and he was shortlisted for the inaugural

Terry Pratchett Prize. He grew up on farmland

in Southern Ontario and now lives in Fergus

with his wife, two kids and a pondful of feral goldfish. 

You can follow him on twitter:  

@BeynonWrites or visit his website: 



 Stay tuned for season 2 starting April 2016



Episode 1: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Peter Jennings
"Shark Assault"

Click here for full interview

Episode 2: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Karen Krossing

Click here for full interview

 Episode 3: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Barbara Kyle

Click here for full interview

 Episode 4: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: John Jantunen

Click here for full interview


 Episode 5: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Rio Youers

Click here for full interview


 Episode 6: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Peter Meyler

Click here for full interview


 Episode 7: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Kim Moritsugu

Click here for full interview

 Episode 8: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Michael Hale

Click here for full interview

 Episode 9: 


 Guest: Caroline Ford

Click here for full interview

 Episode 10: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Tasneem Jamal

Click here for full interview

 Episode 11: 
Author Profile 


 Guest: Clifford Jackman

Click here for full interview


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