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    Volunteers @ CogecoTV

    Volunteers have the opportunity to work a number of Crew Positions during each  production, moving freely through each if they so desire.
    Here is a list of some of the positions various volunteers work during a CogecoTV production:
    Camera Operator – an individual whose job it is to work a studio, ENG or mobile camera during one of our productions.  When working this position, an individual will become familiar with how to properly frame a subject as well as the industry terms pan, tilt, focus, zoom, etc.  Such an individual might also learn how to set up a camera from “scratch” on a mobile shoot, as our mobile cameras, tripods and all necessary cables are all packed within our mobile production units and must be setup once a taping location has been reached.
    Director – an individual who “calls” the show and holds the overall vision for the production.  The director speaks to all other members of the crew during taping, from the camera operators, audio operator, graphics operator and host, letting them know in which direction the show will take next, in regards to the number of camera angles, etc., the director has to choose from, as well as other production elements which make up the overall feel of the production.
    Floor Director – an individual that is in the studio, hooked up to a headset and in contact with the control room, letting the members of the studio know the wishes of the director.
    Host – an individual in an on-air capacity or television personality role.  They may also act as an expert in a specific field during an interview or act as a mediator when a number of interview subjects are involved.  They would greet viewers and let them know the topic of the show, the plays of the game, the news of the day, etc.
    Audio Operator – an individual who oversees all of the audio levels during a production, whether it be interview mics, music or pre-recorded break material.
    Graphics Operator – an individual who oversees all the graphic elements of the show, but does not necessarily create all of the elements.  The graphics operator will bring up whatever specific graphic element the director asks for at any specific time during the production.

    If you are interested in learning new skills, becoming a part of an exciting active team, and learning more about your community, then inquire about current volunteer opportunities available at CogecoTV in Milton and Halton Hills.  Simply follow the instructions on the right hand side of the screen.

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    Get an inside look at how a TV show is created – from concept to credits - by becoming one of our local COGECOTV volunteers!

    WHO WE ARE: COGECOTV encompasses a group of local cable television stations across Ontario who work primarily with volunteers to produce award-winning, local television programming for their individual communities, using the latest technology and with the utmost professionalism.

    WHAT WE DO:    COGECOTV volunteers work on each production (in a number of roles) along with staff producers to generate local content focusing on issues, people and places within their geographic area – topics that are relevant to the local TV viewer, produced in their own “backyard”.

    LEARN:  Working with COGECOTV is a great volunteer experience, especially if you have an interest in the media field.  It can be most beneficial to young people looking for a future career in the industry.  Our volunteers range in age, gender and educational background.  Previous experience is not necessary.  At COGECOTV, our staff provide all the necessary tools needed to successfully become part of one of our production crews

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