Volunteer Camera Operator |
    JARED Fortin

    Jared has been with COGECOTV Ottawa Valley for over 3 years now. We first meet Jared was back during a program called “LIVE BETWEEN COMMERCIALS” produced by a group from Fellowes High School in Pembroke. Jared was an important part of the crew on camera or helping with the teleprompter. Since that show wrapped up he has taken on a new role learning to master the Jib camera in the studio. BE MY GUEST a new show just completing its first season. It would have been hard if it wasn’t for Jared and Kris (his buddy) crewing the cameras for almost every episode!
    Thanks Jared!

    Volunteer Host & Co-Host | MICHEAL Barber & JEN Murphy

    For over 3 years Michael Barber with the County of Renfrew has been helping with UPTODATE an 8 minute long segment as part of COGECOTV News, bringing viewers information from the County Council Meetings and discussions on how the council works with the municipalities. The Warden brings UPTODATE information from special meetings and topics such as budgets and fundraisers. Michaels Radio and PR background has been key in the almost 150 episodes recorded to date. It has been a pleasure to work with the County and the efforts of the staff. Thank You Michael and Warden Jennifer Murphy.


    Volunteer Camera Operator | RAYMOND Dyck


    Volunteer Camera Operator | LUCAS Behnke


    Volunteer Community Producer |
    PHILIP Hoffman

    Philip has been volunteering with COGECOTV in the Ottawa Valley for almost 4 years now and has worked on a number of programs from Live Between Commercials where he hosted News segments and has acted in skits recorded by the crew for the show. Phillip is currently the host of Be My Guest, interviewing interesting people from the Ottawa Valley. His hard work and loyalty to local programming has not gone unnoticed as we progress into 2017. Thank You Philip!


    Volunteer Producer/Host |
    BILL Baker

    Bill is on the second season of his series "Creative Art Works". In the series Bill walks you through each painting and helps teach you the basics and beyond for acrylic painting. During is spare time not at Cogeco, Bill Works for the local golf course and teaches painting 2 nights a week.


    Volunteer Community Producer |
    GARY Serviss

    Since 2007 Gary (Quiz Master) Serviss has been helping organize the Reach For The Top league in the Ottawa Valley, working with Renfrew County (Catholic/Public) and Lanark School Boards to facilitate the tournament at our COGECOTV Pembroke Studio.

    Hundreds of students have experienced Valley Reach in front of the cameras and under the lights, through more then 500 shows Gary has proved to be a great community producer with us and we look forward to future. 

    Thank You Gary




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