Focus on the Kawarthas

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Focus on the Kawarthas

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Focus on the Kawarthas

"Focus on the Kawarthas" takes a look at local events, people, places and organizations making a difference in our community.

"Focus on the Kawarthas" puts the spotlight on our people and events in and around the Peterborough area.  If you have an idea for a show please contact us at 

With Host, Catherine Hanrahan.

Tuesdays at 7:00pm & 11pm, Thursdays at 1:30pm & 11pm, 

Sundays at 6am, Mondays at 1:30pm




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January 19 ,2016

 January 12 Tour of The Community Centre

 January 19 Peterborough Fish & Game Association

 January 26 Michael VanHerberg

February 2 Smithworks Brewing Company

February 9 Tour of The Community Centre

February 16 Author Bruce Gravel





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